Welcome to my portfolio. As a software engineer most of my work lives in Github. If you want to take a look at my work history click here for LinkedIn. I primarily write these days in React, Redux, and Node. Sometimes dabbling in Python and Elixir for fun. 

I am currently working as a freelance consultant helping teams build out initial prototypes, re-build their existing applications, and helping them solve their business needs with a modern best-practice software solution.

PS. Here is a link to my resume.


Current work

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Localize is a SaaS based solution for website localization needs. The business is built around automating the translation delivery and localization process for development teams and companies. 

I joined as the first full time engineer outside of the founding team to help accelerate the growth and development of the platform to increase B2B adoption of the platform for localization needs. Here I helped grow the team from 2 - 5 engineers when I left. 

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Govlaunch a private online platform to allow governments and companies to connect to share best practices, tools, and insights into what technologies can be best utilized to help run local government.

This contract is ongoing in an advisor role to help oversee the development team and over product direction. Contract involved executing and managing a team to build out the initial prototype for this web application. 


Stefanshead is and was one of the earliest text-only based e-commerce shopping experiences. Created surrounding a character named Stefan who sold limited run and hard to find goods through SMS.

I came on as CTO to build out the automation and backend of the SMS based commerce app integrating purchasing flows through text to help manage orders, charge payments, and track shipments.